Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Gloss Swatches

Swatches are Glosses and matching blushes right next to them............

LT to RT: Angelika, Super Orgasm, Albatross, Luster, Oasis

LT to RT: Angelika, Super Orgasm, Albatross, Luster, Oasis

Angelika is a cotton candy pink w silver sparkle

Super Orgasm is a peachy pink w silver glitter

Albatross is a luminous glow ( my least favorite)

Luster is a sheer golden apricot

Oasis is a pinky mauve champagne color ( My absolute favorite)

Let me start start by saying, these don't compare to the blushes, what I mean by this is, you cant mix the blush in w clear gloss and expect the color to look just like these glosses.
I know many of you had thought that but no, that is not the case here..

I really like the texture of the glosses, some have more glitter then others don't get me wrong, but I mean there not tacky feeling.
I absolutely loved Oasis and Angelika, the others where way to sheer for me, my lips are a little darker pigmented so they did not show up.

I think these are great compliment to the blushes, I hope NARS will make more of the darker colored glosses to match the darker blushes.
I would say check these out in person, I think If you like NARS you probably want to pick one of these baby's up.

Retail is $24.00 but again If you like Nars , its worth it.

Please let me know your thoughts??


  1. Don't you know Im trying to not spend money!
    That Angelika is CALLING MY NAME..

  2. Sorry Mel, LOL Its gorgeous though!!

  3. Angelika does look beautiful but I have toooo many glosses.....are they sticky?? Do they last? Thanks

  4. So pretty! I'm loving the way Angelika looks! I have the same thing with my lips where they already have some color so that one would be good! Definitely going to write it down on my wish-list! haha :D

  5. I love Angelika & Super Orgasm! Gotta have 'em!

  6. Super orgasm looks more pigmented then on my lips, its pretty sheer, Oasis and Angelika show up!

  7. I meant more pigmented on swatches

  8. wow i love them favorite nars lip gloss is turkish delight... i have to try Oasis! =]

  9. I'm like most of the people here: ANGELIKA! haha! I think I need to get that! :)