Thursday, March 31, 2011

BBC San Diego Mixer experience

This past weekend I headed down to San Diego for the BBC mixer presented by Elessa Vovan of Pursebuzz.
That Saturday morning I, along with many other bloggers and makeup artist took a marketing class that Elessa taught and also a Contracts class presented by Koren Zander from EnkoreMakeup. Both classes gave very valuable information and the ins and outs that they don't teach on beauty school.

I met up with MUA Lisa Nunez ( and we went together), she is such a sweetie and a joy to be around.
She also did my makeup for the event ( I loved it ).

Once the event started I got to finally meet so many people I always talk to on twitter, and some Gurus I watch on YouTube that I have never met...Mike, The Sublime Agent, Andrea of Andreaschoice, Jarmaine of JLOVESMAC1, Anne for Yummiebitez, Rae of RAEview, and the infamous BAD GIRL Enkorrine. I also got a chance to finally meet in person Robyn from Purely Cosmetics, Maxine from Vanity Girl Hollywood, Liz from Lash Royalty , all amazing ladies.
I finally got a chance to talk to Suzy ( MacNC40), Lauren ( QueenofBlending), Jasmine ( Jazziebabycakes), and MUA Grace Chun.

They had so many thing to offer, and it was free to all who attended, hand massages, various facial treatments, body massages, nail painting, shampoo and style, as well as makeup, lash bar and much more.

Everyone got a goodie bag with amazing products, some received amazing items from VioletVoss, they also had awesome giveaways. Cant forget all the Yummy Cupcakes made by Dave :)

 Melissa owner of Little Diva Tutu's made a few of  us these absolutely gorgeous Pink tutu's, the pictures are below in previous post, Please check her site out, she sells amazing for Divas of ALL sizes, Click on her link

I also got a chance to meet some really amazing people, it was such a fabulous time for everyone who attended.

Best part was after the event, I got to have dinner with Enkore, Robyn, Grace Chun, Lisa Nunez, Crystal Strayer and her husband, and Nina ( neeners) and Dave the cupcake man :) ( Best cupcakes ever ).

At dinner Koren gave all of us a sneak peak of his new brush set collab with crown brushes, we all got to check them out and feel them and play, they are amazing Mac dupes, and super affordable, and they are gonna be released today on the Crown Brush website.

Thank you so much Elessa & Koren you are both amazing people!



Monday, March 28, 2011

BBC Mixer San Diego Pictures

Pursebuzz & her family!! ( all so gorgeous)
Me & The infamous bad girl Enkorrine
Gorgeous Maxine founder of Vanity Girl Hollywood
Me & Lauren ( aka. Queen Of Blending )
Fabulous celebrity MUA Grace chun putting lashes on Maxine

Fabuous MUA Lisa Nunez
Suzy ( aka MACNC40) & I
Grace & Vicki
Lisa & I
Me & the fabulous MisoJenny
Robyn & Enkorrine
Me & Liz from Lash Royalty ( liz is so gorgeous)
Liz & Lisa
Andreaschoice, LVMAKEP, JLOVESMAC1
Me & the Fabulous Sublime Agent
Rae ( Raeview) & I
Hollywoods power ladies Liz & Maxine
Suzy, Lauren, Grace, Vicki
Robyn ( owner of Purely cosmetics) & Lisa
The Dynamic Duo Pursebuzz & Enkore Makeup

Monday, March 21, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Yulia Shadow Tower

Yulia shadow tower
These are all marked on the bottom is stack order

Colors in the stack

Dry Swatch: Cloud coverage, Dazzle Me, Boyfriend sweater, Chocoholic, Urban Trash

NEW Glamour Doll Eye brochures,w a tutorial inside!!
Inside of brochure ( very cool idea)

Top: Cloud Coverage - Matte White, Dazzle Me - Light beige sheen w silver shimmer,  Boyfriend Sweater-Grey brown shimmer.  Bottom Row - Chocoholic - Brown Copper , Urban Trash - Matte Black

I have been a Glamour Doll Eyes customer for a while now. I have seen Vanessa's business sky rocket since she started in 2008, all from word of mouth, happy customers', reviews, etc. She also listens to her customers and lets them help her in choosing names for new colors which everyone seems to like and want to help out , and she listens to customer feedback to improve her business!

The shadows are very pigmented and smooth in texture, and can be used wet or dry. I prefer them wet.
I chose this palette because it is very neutral but can take you from day to night.

Glamour Doll Eyes also gives customer appreciation sales a few times a year, which is when I usually stock up on new colors.
The shipping is very fast too; when she first started, shipping was a little slow, but she has improved her turn around so much, which is awesome!!

I am loving the New GDE Brochures, and they even have a tutorial inside to help those who are not too familiar with makeup create a great look...I think the brochures are nice touch to give customers, very cool!

The Yulia shadow tower is $17.50, but you get 5 full size shadows, and there are many other towers to choose from.

Click on link to see the site

Let me know your thoughts on Glamour Doll Eyes!



* This item was sent to me by the company for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own.*

Frederic Fekkai Bargain Alert!!

Just to give you all a heads up on a great deal I found over the weekend at Costco!!

Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner with a mini hair glaze for $29.99 , yes that is right, $29.99.
What a deal that is, because the shampoo and condition retail for $23.00 each.

They have 3 different formulations to choose from, so hurry and go check it out, before they are all gone.

These are the older packaging;  that is why they are selling these as a bundle so cheap. Same great formula though and size is the same as well.



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Burt's Bees Tinted lip balm

Cute eye catching packaging
very sheer in color

I have been curious about the new tinted lip balm for a while; I finally bit the bullet to try it.

I chose Hibiscus, which is the darker color in the pink shades, and for me it is really light in color when applied.  I think I will exchange this for a darker shade..

They come in 3 color categories: Nude, Pink, Red and they have two colors in each, a lighter and darker shade. Hibiscus is the darker shade in the pink category.

These are 100% Natural, and they do feel moisturizing on my lips.
These cost $6.99 at most places I have seen them, Target, Rite-Aid, etc.

If you are looking for a new a new lip balm you may want to check these out, but I think they are a bit overpriced.

Let me know your thoughts?



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nars Laguna & Copacabana Illuminator Swatches

Copacabana & Laguna Illuminators
Nars Orgasm, Laguna, Copacabana
All three Nars Illuminators, I love all of them

When I first seen these , I new I had to get my hands on them. Nars is one of my favorite brands so I thought I needed them. The new packaging is more sleeker and travel friendly.

They have 3 new colors, I only bought the new Laguna and Copacabana, I only have seen swatches of the new super orgasm color and it looks too glittery for my taste so I passed.

I really like Laguna, it is different from any other Illuminator that I own, but Copacabana can easily be duped, and I have pictures of it with Boots High lights and Becca Shimmering skin perfector in Pearl, tell me if you can see much of a difference??

Can you tell which is which???

Once blended in you can barely tell a difference, so I think Copacabana can easily be duped and passed up, I will be returning mine.

They do look a little different heavy swatched next to each other but again once blended out you can not really not see much of a difference in my opinion.

I really love Becca Pearl it is so much more of a softer glow once blended out.

Nars Copacabana, Boots high light, Becca Pearl

 All 3 blended out

Nars orgasm & Laguna illuminators & Becca Opal shimmering skin perfector, LOVE LOVE LOVE

I just threw in  Becca opal at the end just to show how gorgeous it is :)  Yes I own Becca shimmering skin perfector in Pearl & Opal, so there is no confusion.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The lip scrub by Sara Happ / Brown Sugar

Comes in this adorable little box w a bow

I really like this lip scrub.  It exfoliates very well and leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth.
Just a little dab on your finger, rub in circular motions, wipe away ( you might get the urge to lick it off because the taste is so yummy), and Voila!: super smooth and soft lips.

Especially with this crazy winter, we are all having, this is a must have.  I know everyone is probably having a problem with dry lips.

I know there are many lip exfoliators on the market.  I have tried a few and ended up returning them because I didn't like them.  I have also made my own at home but I don't like the mess that comes along with making your own.
I have heard about Sara Happ products for over a year now and was always curious to try her products.
I am glad I finally had the opportunity to do so.  I love this scrub. I am just sorry I waited so long to try it.

Ingredients: • Sucrose • Petrolatum • Molasses • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil • Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil

The cost on this lip scrub is $24.00, and I know that may seem high, but it is a great product and I know the price is very comparible to many on the market.
I will be purchasing the Sara Happ Lip slip in the near future, I heard they go hand in hand.

You can buy this product by clicking the link:

* This Item was sent to me my PR or Company for review purposes, and the review is 100% my honest opinion.*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O.P.I. Serena Glam Slam duo / Black shatter & Simply Smash-ing!

Sorry about flash, but just showing packaging

Simply Smash-ing!

Glam Slam duo

Love this color combination

Used Beauty Secrets Top Coat

I,  like everyone else looked high and low for O.P.I Black shatter which made its debut with the Katy Perry collection: , I  purchased the rest of the collection,  but  Black Shatter was sold out everywhere.

I came across this Serena Glam Slam duo last week on Amazon, which in most stores is sold out by now too.

Wasn't sure If I would like Simply Smash-ing from looking at the site. Turns out I love it, these look so good together.  I did in the meantime get my hands on the China Glaze Crackle collection, and I must say, I prefer Black Shatter over China Glaze..
The texture feels different and it seems to work better for me.

I believe I paid $16.50 for this duo, and If your lucky enough to come across it, I would say snatch it up, before It sells high on Ebay.

Let me know your thoughts??