Friday, August 26, 2011

It Cosmetics Live, Laugh, Love Vitality Face Disc Swatches & Review

This is a Huge compact!!

Look how much product you get

On my arm ( bronzer blends in w my tan)

My inner arm, you can see bronzer better

Look at the BIG Daddy brush it comes with

This is QVC description

" What is it:  An anti-aging powerhouse combo!Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging matte bronzer, luminating powder, and vitality blush in the Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Disc are all about the naturally pretty look of vitality and radiance. They are packed with skin-loving ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen; acai; green tea; and vitamins A, C, and E. The Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Mega-Brush gives you airbrushed application, and makes you smile upon contact.

Who is it for:  Anyone who wants anti-aging benefits, and wants to instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on their skin while adding a healthy-looking, vitality-filled, naturally pretty glow of color to the face. Anyone who needs a little "brush therapy" to smile, with this ultra-soft, Luxe Mega-Brush!

Why is it different:  Infused with anti-aging, hydrating ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen; acai; green tea; and vitamins A, C, and E, the matte bronzer, luminating radiance powder, and vitality blush help treat skin with anti-aging benefits, give it a more youthful radiance, and deliver vitality-like glow. The ultra-luxe mega-brush offers the perfect airbrushed application that lasts. "

Here is what I think:

I love this palette, it is huge and all the colors are gorgeous, the bronzer is matte ,which I know a lot of you will love.   The blush color is a stunning coral-pinky color , and the highlighter is not too over the top w shimmer.

I think this is a perfect trio, and best part , it comes with a huge Big Daddy brush....No that's not what its called, that's just what I call it ;)

The brush is so luxurious and uber soft. I don't think you can go wrong with this set.  It is only available at QVC right now, and the price is a steal for both , only $48.50....

Here is the link:

Best part is, it has skin care benefits, HELLO, who doesn't want that??   Ya I'm sure you can tell I really love this duo.

So what do you think, any of you gonna pick this up??



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lancome Maison Lancome Blush / 29 St. Honore by Aaron De Mey Review & Swatches

I have been lemming over this item since I first saw it in a magazine. It is so gorgeous!!  So as soon as I saw it on the Lancome US website, I bought it ASAP..  It was a pre order, so I did have to wait two weeks to receive it.  So worth the wait :)

Here it is!!!  GORGEOUS!!

I hope this color will show up on me, because many times light blushes don't show up very well or they look ashy!

The over spray comes off right away, so I took pictures first then swatched after to see. Sure enough it came right off.  I wish it went deeper in the blush.  It still looks very pretty without it too.

I may have to buy back up :)  Big Surprise.  These are Limited Edition, so get to your Lancome counter stat or at the least the website.   They cost $40.00.

Yes I bought mine with my own funds :)

I know some YT gurus got them for free and well in advance , which they are not disclosing as they are supposed too. ( Big shocker , LOL )

So are you gonna pick one up??



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maybelline Limited Edition Autumn Leaves 671 Nail Polish Swatches

While browsing the displays at Rite Aid I came across the Limited Edition Mabelline display with lipsticks and nail polish.   At first look, It looked like a boring coppery brownish color, but when the light hit it, a gorgeous coppery reddish brown color came to life :)

I think this is a great fall color, the only thing I didn't care for is the formula.  It doesn't apply very evenly and it dries really fast, so when you apply the second coat it looks cakey.

This set me back $4.49 , not too bad.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Faced Glamour Dust Glampire Review & Swatches

Glampire is described as : Plum Brown with pale blue glitter

The color is so hard to pick up on my camera :(

Glampire Top and bottom left / Nude Beam Top right and bottom right

Glampire Top and bottom left / Nude Beam Top right and bottom right

wiped off swatches and the bottom ones w no glitter clue came off, the top w glitter glue stayed on

Green liner is Urban Decay

Too Faced Glamour Dust are super finely milled glitter pigments, they are available in four colors and retail for $17.00 they are 2.8 g / 0.10 0z. each.

Glampire is described as a Plum brown w pale blue glitter , but it's more like a duo-chrome pinky mauve lilac color w green and blue glitter. ( It makes sense once you swatch it in person )  It reminds me of  MAC's Blue Brown pigment and possibly Too Faced Label Whore eyeshadow, but it's much more pinky in color then brown.

I used it with  my Too Faced glitter glue, the glue is fabulous. It doesn't work so well with pigments I find, but with glitter it works like a dream.

You can find these at Ulta, Sephora and Too Faced website.

You all know I love shimmer products, not so much glitter, but this one is a exception.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lancome Gris Fatale 600 / 29 St. Honore by Aaron De Mey Review & Swatches

I have been so excited for the New Fall 2011 Lancome collection : 29 St. Honore by Aaron De Mey.

I picked up three items from this collection..First item up is:   

Color Design Limited Edition Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Gris Fatale 600, I have been loving the grays and blues for my eyeshadow lately.  I usually don't wear them because I find them too boring, but not lately :)

Gris Fatale 600

Click on any picture to enlarge image

Swatched liner at bottom w my finger

Swatched liner w liner brush

Gris Fatale is more on the shimmery side, which I love!

I love this palette , it retails for $48.00 and this color is Limited Edition, so if you like it you should go check it out soon.  All three items I bought from this collection are Limited Editions. ( I swear L.E. gets me everytime )

I purchased this eye palette at my local Macy's, and right now they are having GWP , and it's actually pretty good this time around.  They have a few newer products in this one, and the bag is super cute too. 

My sales associate let me pick out all the makeup products,  they usually tell you only one per row from the selection form, but that is not the case, so don't let them tell you different , because I know at some counters they like to give people a hard time about it.

Did you check out this collection yet??  Yay or Nay for you??


Friday, August 19, 2011

Butter London Queen Vic nailpolish review & swatches

I basically only bought this because of the name " Queen Vic " ,  since I am the Queen of my household and my name is Vicki , it was a no brain-er. The color is really pretty and great for the fall season. .. ( Please ignore all the fingerprints shown due to the flash )

Butter London polishes retail for $14.00 each , I really like them but they are a bit pricey. So I recommend just buying the colors you like most. They also have some pretty cute names too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laura Geller Baked Highlighter duo/ French Vanilla & Portonfino Review and Swatches

I really love Laura Geller products and have been buying them from QVC for years                    (they have the best prices and exclusive products ) 

Laura's line has really great quality products, especially her baked products, which I love and are my favorite items from her.  

Here is one of her newest products.

I love love love this highlighter duo, I have used it everyday for the past week, it is a must have product for me now, and this will last you a long time.  Im not so crazy about the duo sponge tip brush it comes with, but that's ok, because the product alone is worth it.

There is no glitter in this, it is just a gorgeous shimmer, and you can use it so many ways :)

Click on the link if you want to see a demo

Have you every shoped with QVC before or tried Laura Geller products??



Monday, August 15, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick Review & Swatches

D'Lilac , Coquette ,  Centrifuchsia

Cute packaging

D' Lilac, Coquette , Centrifuchsia

D' Lilac, Coquette , Centrifuchsia

I have heard many good things about Lime Crime lipsticks, so when I found out they would be at IMATS L.A. this past June, I was excited.  ( Don't mind the date on my pictures,  it's my new camera, I need to reset the date.)

I got to see and swatch all the colors. I would have loved to buy more colors, but I needed to try them out first, so these are the colors I purchased.

These lipsticks are very opaque and the pigmentation is insane.  The texture is creamy and smooth and the lasting power is good; they all give a beautiful sheen on the lips.

I will be purchasing more in the future.  I think at IMATS I paid about 8 or 9 dollars each; not too shabby, right!

I love the crazy colors Lime Crime has, but I would personally wait to purchase those on sale because they are not very wearable in my everyday life, but would be fun to have.

Coquette is a pretty wearable nude for most skin tones.  Centrifuchsia is gorgeous, a bit bright, but I love it and I get so many compliments when I wear it.  Now D' Lilac is not very wearable alone but it is a fun color to have, and it's a great color to put in the center of your lips when wearing a dark color. 

I love the packaging on these lipsticks too, a gorgeous purple-lilac-ish color with a cute holographic unicorn :) 

The lipsticks Retail for $16.00 each on Lime Crime's website.

Have you tried them before?? What do you think of the colors?



Friday, August 12, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy'S HOT HOT 2011 summer shades , Review & swatches

Summer 2011 collection

BOLD baby blue,  it's like aqua meets turquoise, a take on every boys favorite color 

This color is so gorgeous!! My second favorite!

Read back labels :)

LOVELY  lavender , a pale purple with matte depth and charm

NURTURE nude pink, a barely there, damsel in distress color

GLEE gold,  a shimmer infused coin of perfectrion


TRANQUIL tangerine  its a bold slice of juicy delight. My Favorite!

Got so many compliments on this color!

These are HOT HOT HOT, summer shades that sizzle! This is there summer collection for 2011!

I am new to Dr.'s Remedy  brand, and I must say I'm in love.  I've gotten so many compliments while wearing these colors, and the staying power on these polishes is the best I have ever tried. ( No joke )
Dr.'s Remedy has a beautiful array of colors to choose from, but they are also good for your nails. Click on the link to see for yourself

This line is great for anyone, especially for people w brittle, discolored  or suffer from nail fungus.
The polishes are enriched with natural ingredients such as wheat protein, tea tree oil and garlic bulb extracts.
They are also the Big 3 free, which I know we all love.

I can't wait to get more of these polishes, I love them :)  I highly recommend them, if you couldn't tell already.

These Retail for $17.00 each , and remember they are good for your nails! Not to mention the color assortment to choose from are gorgeous!!

They also have a facebook page, like there page to find out about the latest colors, and sales.!/pages/Drs-Remedy-Enriched-Nail-Polish/101448923258534

Let me know, what you think?? 



* I received these for review purpose only , this is 100% my honest opinion *