Friday, April 27, 2012

Deborah Lippman Run The World Girls Nail Polish collection swatches and review

Party Girl ,  Nasty Girl , Hollaback Girl , It Girl , I Kissed a Girl

How cool does this look!!

They all come laying on the side so you can't see the letters.

Love all the names

the colors are in order as picture above

Party Girl ,  Nasty Girl , Hollaback Girl , It Girl , I Kissed a Girl

Party Girl ,  Nasty Girl , Hollaback Girl , It Girl , I Kissed a Girl

While shopping in Nordies today picking up a few items from Guerlain Emilio Pucci summer collection, I came across this set.

I have never even seen or heard of this set, but the packaging was just too cute and I love that all the colors are named after songs not to mention I am a total sucker for packaging as you all know :)  

I almost passed it up but decided I just couldn't......hmmmmm  more like wouldn't......hehe

These all dry to a matte finish, this set is Edgy , Cool, but still Chic   ( You need it )

You get five colors that are all in  .27 FL. oz. 8 ml bottles.

 This set retails for $45.00.

Will you be picking up this set??



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Milani Pure Love

Took picture of store display ( probably thought I was a creeper)

Picked this up a few days ago at Walgreens , lucky enough to get one because you see the display only has 3 eyeshadow trios and they are Limited Edition.

I picked up this and one nail polish from the collection, which is a Walgreens exclusive.

I like it but I wish the highlighter was a bit lighter in color, the pictures make it look lighter then it actually is.

The color is a light gray , it is ok , just not a color preference for me.

The trio was $4.99 and the nail polish was $4.79 I believe.

Bottom Line:

If you want anything from this collection , you should go to Walgreens very soon , because the display is so small and it will sell out quick.   



Monday, April 23, 2012

Chanel Delight Nailpolish and Swatches

I am not very  impressed with Chanel Summer nail polish , out of all three I like Delight the best....but it is not an unusual color by any means.

I think you can find dupes for all three colors, especially Holiday , which is the orange color.

Island is very pretty and has a bit of pink in it, almost duo chrome like. (is that possible? ) lol

Delight has a very smooth texture and applies opaque with two coats, sheesh if you are in a hurry you can actually get away with one coat of this!

 Island is a little sheer looking, but surprising it is opaque with 2 coats.

Bottom Line: Delight and Island are nice to have  if you have nothing similiar in your collection,  Skip Holiday.

What colors are you gonna buy from this collection??



Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chanel Sable Beige & Sable Rose swatches, Chanel 2012 summer collection


Sable beige - Sable Rose

No Flash

I happened to come across these babies yesterday at my local Macy's ,  they are not even on the Chanel website yet , as of today anyway.

Nordies doesn't even have this collection yet in store, and they usually get most things in first.

I do love both of these, but I went with the Sable Rose. :)

Sable Beige just adds warmth to my face more so like a bronzer does, but Sable Rose adds warmth with a nice flush of color.

These Retail for $60.00 and are Limited Edition.  These are from the Chanel Summer Collection 2012.

I picked up two  more items from the collection, so be on the lookout for those post.

What do you think? Are you getting anything from the collection?



Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Glam April 2012 Bag

Every time I see this in my mail box, it makes me smile :)

Here is the Post Card with the My Glam girls, This month's theme is " Girls Night Out"

Here are the goods!! 

I really love this month's My Glam bag, the theme is " Girls Night Out " which I love.

Here is what was in my cute pink bag:

1.) All-Belle Natual Lashes
2.) Dermstore lip quench
3.) Urban Decay 24/7 Eye liner in Woodstock ( I love this color as a lip liner)
4.) My Glam small eyeshadow brush
5.) My Glam eye liner brush ( which can be used to line your lips  for precision)
6.) Cute pink bag ( duh)

If you remember last months bag also came with a little brush too, so I think that is cool they're expanding the brush line.

I was on the fence about about last month's bag, but this month so made up for it!!

I am very happy so far with My Glam, and for $10.00 a month what a deal!

I definitely will remain a glammie :)

What do you think of this month's bag?? 



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Revlon 2012 Summer Escapism collection

I only bought Gold Coast nail polish

These remind me of M.A.C. cream blushes ( they are much brighter in person )

 I just discovered these goodies at my local Rite - Aid , so if you are interested you might want to go check it out.

I only picked up Gold Coast nail polish, but now looking at it closer, it reminds me of an Essie color I own.



Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Black Bag Review

 I have been subscribed to Little Black Bag since February, and just decided to show you my April bag so far.  I do have a few issues with the selection and shipping and tax...... While all of you don't get taxed , except us lucky ones in California  ( sarcasm in my voice) , plus shipping cost, the $49.99 LBB ends up costing Californians $60 bucks!! ( GRRRRR)   Most of the items are older products, so yes you could shop TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls for the same discount, probably even more.  I don't usually shop at those stores. No particular reason, I just don't.  So I think this is a good idea , but still have reserves on it.
$60.00 every month for a subscription is not cheap, but you can skip months if you like.  Also they have new stuff everyone Monday , as from my own personal experience I notice.

 Comes wrapped in black tissue paper, and you can exchange your items if you are not happy with them, which I should have done with a few products from my Feb bag but didn't and threw away the slip... My Bad.

 The trading does get kind of addicting and fun, I mean some people  turn their  3 or 4 items into 9 and 10 items , I have even seen someone have 18 items, and half of them were like $60.00 and over items. That is insane to me.  But good for her and her trading skills.   So here is what I got for my April bag,  a BCBGeneration glitter crossbody bag ( annoyed glitter goes everywhere) , and a pair of  Betsey Johnson sunglasses, which I love, and in my opinion , one can never have too many sun glasses.

 This bag is on Zappos site for clearance already, and I have no clue about the sunglasses, but I am sure the same on them too.

 Make sure you pick an item that you wouldn't mind paying $60 bucks for , and yes I say 60 because that again is what I have to pay.

I wish LBB would give free shipping to californians to off set the tax and maybe if you buy more then 1 bag a month, you get a discount on additional bags..

Have you got LBB yet??  What are your thoughts?



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Tory Burch Reva Flats

I have been on a shoe kick lately for some reason.  I bought three pairs of Steve Madden shoes, one pair of Sam Edelman and Tory Burch flats.

I love them all, but I kinda favor the Tory Burch ones, for now anyway!

I have been wanting these shoes for a long time now, and have been on the hunt to try to save some $$ on these too.  I even looked on Ebay for a lightly used pair  ( which they do have a lot of ), but that kinda grossed me out, so I axed that idea . ( It's a good idea, just not for me )

A few weeks ago Bloomingdales was having Friends and Family sale for 20% off, and yes they had my shoes in stock.  Yay, was this meant to be?  I think so ;)

So here are my brand new Tory Burch Reva ballet flats with the gold medallion , and yes they hurt my feet like a mutha at first...... Don't let anyone tell you different. ( hehe)
Best part is, I saved money on them too... Score!!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lorac TANtalizer Hiighlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo

The TANtalizer comes in a huge compact and has a nice sized mirror with a highlighter and matte bronzer.

I am a huge fan of Lorac cosmetics so I was really looking forward to getting this compact.

I was disappointed with half of this product. ( Highlighter )

The highlighter is a very pretty champagne color , but it has a gritty/rough texture and does not apply smoothly at all.

 Now the bronzer on the other hand is gorgeous!! I love the color, not orange at all, just a gorgeous matte milk chocolate color.

Unfortunately I will be returning this , I just can't see keeping it for use of only half the product.

 Retail is $32.00

 I hope the bronzer will be available to purchase on it's own in the future.

Have you tried this yet??