Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8 in 1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector Review & Swatches

I like that it has a seal

I know it looks pretty dark

Natural Light

Light , Light/Medium , Medium , Medium/Deep , Deep

Light , Light/Medium , Medium , Medium/Deep , Deep

I found this the other day at my local Target , it was on an end cap on it's own display.

I have been wanting to try this since I read that it was coming soon too the states a few months ago.

It is just another tinted moisturizer in my opinion , like all the beauty balms in the U.S. that claim to be beauty balms :(

I bought medium/deep and it does look dark in the tube, but as you can see from the pictures about , it blends out very nicely and not dark at all.

It blends very well into my skin but unfortunately does not blur out any of my imperfections.  It does feel a little moisturizing but nothing major and I love that it has spf 30.

I have a feeling this first batch will sell out fast, since many of you have been waiting to try this as well.

Bottom line:  Worth a try



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lime Crime Nail polish and Aquataenia palette Swatches

This palette is available July 2012

Cutest shopping bag ever!!

Once in a blue mousse , Parfait Day , Lavendairy

Holy Cow Batman!! Stop the Press!!  I am so blown away by Lime Crime's newest editions.

The nail polish is amazing, super pigmented and gorgeous colors..... I wish I had bought more :(

I picked up these goodies at Imats L.A. this past weekend.

I wanted the Antoinette palette , but they put the wrong palette in my bag, they gave me Aquataenia instead, but I am so happy with it anyway.

It isn't even available till July 2012..... and sold out at Imats too.

The prices were amazingly cheap, the palette was only $20.00 and the nail polishes were $6.00,  I keep kicking my self for not getting more nail polishes.  ( keep in mind these were ONLY imat special pricing)

Just look at the swatches, that is one coat. Insane I know.

I will probably buy more at some point, but not sure when because Lime Crime shipping is too expensive in my opinion.

These products will be full price when they hit the site.

Let me know your thoughts??



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ulta Haul & Free Goodies

 I went to Ulta today just  to browse around and see what's new  because I haven't been in there in a while.

Just getting back from Imats, " Did I need to go there"??  NO!

Anyway here is what I picked up: The new Benefit ulta plush lips gloss that is suppost to match with the boxed blushes in Dandelion and Coralista , Tarte mini primer set and Layla Hologram nail polish in 01 Mercury Twilight.

The Benefit was suppost to come with 3 free minis and the tarte was suppost to come with a mini deluxe sample of their Marajuca oil , which I don't really care for.

They were all out of those specific deluxe samples, so the sales associate just started grabbing some of the stuff they did have, I thought she was going to let me choose one of them, but nope she have me all 3 of them.

Free Goodies

FREE GOODIES: Marc Jacobs umbrella, Mineral Glow from Pur Minerals, and MY  Favorite The Hemp body travel set which includes: pomegranate moisturizer 2.25 oz, herbal body moistuizer 2.25 oz , full size Hempz lip balm, and Herbal body butter 1.5 oz.

My total was $62 and change but I used some points, which took off $30.00 and some tax and my total was under $29.00..

Total score :)  

Review coming soon on the Benefit lip gloss.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Imats 2012 Shopping / Wish / Recommendation List


 First Stop will be Embryolisse  they have AMAZING products and all  I have shown here are MUST HAVES , I hope they have the new BB cream in stock , also I need to replenish my toner again another MUST HAVE  to any beauty regimen. 
Bdellium Brushes 

I am so excited to check out Royal and Langnickel Revolution brushes, they are new and I have heard great things about them, so I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these bad boys!

Purely Cosmetics Oil absorb & Silk powder are awesome!!

 Purely Cosmetics has great mineral foundations ( no itchy faces with their products) , and they have really awesome face powders ; oil absorb , silk face powder and the creme de la creme of face finishing powders is the Famous Diamond Finishing powder ( All Must Haves).

Best part is all their products are very reasonably priced :) and Robyn the owner is super nice and helpful If you have any questions.

Purely Cosmetic Diamond Powder , **MUST HAVE**

Best eye cream ever!!  ** MUST HAVE**

J'eune d' age organics has the best eye cream I have ever tried and I have tried several including the very high end La M** and this is 100 times better, not to mention 1/8 of the price. I am also looking forward to trying their Face moisturizer and Pumpkin peel.

Their products are very affordable , so stock up!!

This has been recommended to me by several people, so I look forward to finally picking it up

Wow, this post is getting picture heavy so I wont bore you with tons more pictures, just more great products you probably want to check out.

Elessa Jade Jewelry : Her pink crystal lipstick necklace is one of my favorite jewelry pieces. ( she has her own booth this year )

Eve Pearl : check her stuff out at Naimes , they always have great discounts

Beauty So clean : Must have to disinfect your makeup

Model in a bottle: Love this , really helps to make your makeup last all day

Mehron: super affordable foundation and concealers

OCC: Lip tars and nail polish

Inglot: great eyeshadows

Lisa Waiter: check out Satellite bronzing powders at Naimes booth,  big discounts

Alcone: they have the best makeup remover wipes, Tweezers, sponges,etc

Be prepared to be in long lines, and make a list of what you want, because it is very easy to get distracted and then you will forget what you really wanted....LOL  ( That's just me)

Hope to see you there!!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tarte Achiote Color Collection / Gifts from the lipstick tree set

Blush , LipSurgence , Lip shine

I have been wanting this set for a while now and just kept putting it off.

Finally I went to go buy it at my local sephora, and yup it was SOLD OUT!!  Just my luck.

I ended up buying it from :)

I love love love Tarte Amazonian clay blushes, they are my favorite blushes.

I wish they had the blush to sell on it's own , but yes they sucker us in to buying a set. ( Down fall)

The set has great colors, but I am not crazy about the Lip Surgence anymore since finding Revlon Just Bitten Balm stains for much less money and better staying power.

The lip gloss doesn't show too much color on my lips but it swatches pretty though....haha

Retail is $42.00.

Overall : I love the blush and the lip products are decent.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

L'OREAL Colour Riche #173 Velvety Fuchsia Swatches

Another weekly trip to Target and I found these lipsticks on a display :)  Oh how I love Target.

They had several colors, but this one was my favorite.

It looks bright in tube but as you can see it is very wearable.

The texture is pretty good but the staying power was lagging in my opinion.

I paid $7.69 at my local Target.

So watcha think??



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sonia Kashuk beautifying blush in 03 Sunset

On my latest trip to Target  I was browsing the makeup aisles and came across this stunning blush!

Sonia Kashuk blush in Sunset  , isn't it gorgeous? Does it remind you of anything??

M.A.C.'s Ripe Peach perhaps?   I sold mine awhile back, but my friend still has one and we swatched them side by side and seriously they look  exactly the same.

Best dupe I have seen so far for Ripe Peach, it even looks the same when applied.

Sorry I didn't have my camera too take a picture :(  Boo! 

So if you missed out on Ripe Peach ,  you should pick this up at Target.

The price is only $8.99........... What a deal.  I think the packaging is really nice too.



Monday, June 4, 2012

Unif Hellraiser , Not your typical mommy shoes

Your probably thinking " Oh no she didn't buy those shoes".  LOL  Yes I know not your typical mommy shoes or my style for that matter. As soon as I saw my friend Amber show a picture of these on her Instagram, I HAD to have them.  I was so drawn to them, not sure why either.

These are by the brand Unif and are called Hellraiser ( from the movie I assume). The spikes are pretty sharp and the shoes are heavy. The shoes are 100% leather too and are very sturdy.

Not sure how I will pull these off, but better believe I am going to wear them :)  Maybe I'm having my mid 30's crisis ( too early maybe) , but I really love these shoes!!!  My daughter even liked them and they are not her usual style either.

Each shoe comes in a little shoe bag , so they don't get scratched I would say. Because these beauties can do some damage!

I purchased mine Here , but you can buy them at other places too , just google them.

They are flats , so they are comfortable. YAY

My shipping was super fast , two days to be exact and no tax which is always a plus, because rarely does anything ship to Ca with out being taxed :( 

So what do you think??



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Glossy Box May 2012

I was so excited when I heard Glossy Box was finally coming to America , I had high hopes for this months box especially for $21.00.

The box and packaging are cute, but I don't want to pay extra money just for cute packaging on any monthly subscription service.

Here is what is  in this month's box

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, they WOWed us all by sending out that blogger/vlogger Edition to select people , which let's face it,  That of coarse drew us all in.

This is so tiny, but cute :)

I will keep it for now to see how the next few boxes are.

I do like the mini Burberry lipstick and the Zoya nail polish. The rest of the items I have never tried so I will see how it goes.

It also came with a freebie brush ( which is not very soft at all )

Did you sign up? What are your thoughts on Glossy Box??