Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flower Power Velvet Lipstick Review & Swatches

Camelia Charm, So Gladiola , Flamingo Flower

   Here is my last Flower Beauty review out of all the products I have been trying lately.

Unfortunately these are the products I like the least out of what I have tried.

The formula on the velvet lipsticks is far too dry and drying on the lips. You really need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before use.

They also go into every crease on your lips. Although the colors are nice especially Flamingo Flower which I love , I do not recommend these ones.

There are way too many drug store brands on the market and for the same price range you get way better results from other brands.

Final Thoughts- Besides not caring for this particular formula , I think they need to work on the labels on the entire line , once you remove the packaging you have no idea what color your items are.
Also I hope they work on the formula on the velvet lipsticks.



Monday, February 25, 2013

Lise Watier Satellite Bronzing Powder in Soleil Intense Review and Swatch

individual colors / end all swirled together

   Spring is in the air or at least it always feels that way in California :)

Time to bring out my Lise Watier bronzing powder in Soleil intense.

I really love the nice healthy bronze glow it gives my skin without shimmer or glitter.

I have the Radiance color too, but it is far to light for my skin , even as a highlighter it doesn't show up much.

Lise Watier is a Canadian brand I believe , I know you can buy it in the U.S. from and

I highly recommend this , it is gorgeous!!

I have several other products from this line and I will show you more in the near future.



 * This product was given to me by a Lise Waiter rep , all opinions are 100% my own*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flower Power High-Shine lipstick kiss stick Review & Swatches

  I am winding down with my Flower Beauty reviews and by far these particular lipsticks ( black packaging ) and the lipglosses which are reviewed here are easily the stand out products of the line.

These lipsticks are very pigmented and have a great color selection and for $6.98 each these are a great deal.
Tulips-2-kiss you , Petunia Petals , Black Rose

I really love all three of these colors they are all very different and you can see how saturated and bright the colors are.

I highly recommend these , keep in mind I am referring to the black packaging ones :)

I love how cute the packaging is too, black with rose gold accents.

Have you picked anything from this line yet??



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kat Von D Everlasting Blush Review and Swatches

Heartagram , Love Song, Por Vida, Bellisima

Heartagram , Love Song, Por Vida, Bellisima

 Kat Von D everlasting blushes are really nice indeed , I must say.

They have a nice , buttery soft texture , not to mention great color payoff and last for several hours. 

I picked up Heartagram- which is a warm rose color and Por Vida - which is a peachy pink color.

Now Por Vida and Bellisima look different next to each other in the pan but they look very much a like to me when swatched. Por Vida has a little more of a warm pink tone to it , but not by much.

I may go back for Wish because my two local stores are sold out.

Like I really need more blush anyway. 

Retail is $25.00 each , ( thank goodness for Sephora gift cards)

Overall , you really should check these out on your next visit to Sephora. You might just purchase one ;)



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flower Beauty Blush/Bronzer Duo in Sunkissed & Single Review and Swatch

 Today I have Flower Beauty Sunkissed & Single blush and bronzer duo to share with you all.

I really like this product; the pigmentation is superb on these and super blendable.

The bronzer looks like it has shimmer in it, but once applied I could not see it at all.

I think the packaging is cute too , white with rose gold. ( Love it )

This is one of the best products from the line ,  I like the quality on this for sure.

I am really loving most of the items I have tested out so far :)

They have four different color duo's to choose from and they all Retail for $9.98.



Friday, February 15, 2013

Flower Beauty Face The Grey Eyeshadow quad Review & Swatches

  Here is one of the two shadow quads I picked up from Flower Beauty.

The formula is only o.k. in my opinion, some colors have too much glitter for my taste and they're a little chalky.

The shadow quads retail for $9.98.   I would say these are not a must have.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flower Beauty Lipgloss Review and Swatches

Baby's Breath, Pretty in Petunia, Iris I could Fly

Flower Beauty is a new line from Drew Barrymore that is exclusive to Walmart.

It claims to be high end quality but not high end pricing. Sounds to good to be true to me, but We shall see.

I had to hunt these down, all the walmart's in my area do not carry this line except for one and it was not stocked yet. But the nicest associate named Michael was awesome enough to bring out the whole stock and he helped me go through the boxes.

I got several items to review but I will start wth the lipglosses.

I chose these one's and I must say I am really happy with my selection.  All of them are pretty pigmented and they last a decent amount of time.

The only thing I don't care for is that the glosses are fragranced and you can taste it too. ( like Roses)

These Retail for $6.98.  not bad for drugstore.

I am glad I got to go through the boxes myself, because I really don't like to buy any cosmetics from Walmart because they are always opened and you can tell people have tested them, yes even though they are sealed, people break them all the time.  ( that is so gross)

So did you get anything from the Flower line? I have several products to review so stay tuned :)

UPDATE- I really lobe these glosses and I went back and bought one more color.
I highly recommend these :)



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick Review and Swatches

Spice Spice Baby, Marshmallow Bunny, Fuschia Shock, So Beryy Sexy, Coral Fire

Spice Spice Baby, Marshmallow Bunny, Fuschia Shock, So Berry Sexy, Coral Fire

Spice Spice Baby, Marshmallow Bunny, Fuschia Shock, So Berry Sexy, Coral Fire

 Too Faced has these awesome La Creme Lipsticks , I am kind of obsessed with them as you can see.

The formula is fantastic, buttery smooth, good color pay off and they have a great color assortment to suit anyone.

I didn't buy these all at once, I got them over a few months.

My newest one is So Berry Sexy. I have a few more that are not pictured ( I couldn't find them).

These retail for $21.00 , you can buy them whereever Too Faced is sold.

I got a few for 20% off  at Ulta  and Too Faced had an amazing deal on a set of four over the holidays which was like 50% off or something. I know it was an amazing deal.

Have you tried these??



Monday, February 11, 2013

Smashbox Tempt Me Be Legendery Lipstick

  Smashbox has collaborated with Curtis Kulig for their Spring 2013 Love Me Collection.

I am a big smashbox fan and as soon as I saw the collection I swooned in.

Tempt Me is a Coral lipstick , it is stunning in person. 

Great Spring and summer color , I love how they engraved Love Me in the lipsticks.

 This collection has two lipstick colors , Tempt Me which is coral and Love Me which is red.

The texture is very smooth and creamy but it goes on like a lustre if that makes sense.

Sorry if  the pictures make it look a bit orange but believe me it is a true coral.

The lipstick retails for $19.00 and you can get the collection wherever smashbox is sold.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stila Color Balm Lipstick Swatches and Review

Sonya & Gemma ( my favorite)

Avery, Olivia, Sonya, Vivienne, Isabelle, Gemma, Evangeline

Betsey, Valentina, Amelia, Natasha, Isla, Ruby, Elle, Maya , Sherri, Gabrielle which is a Ulta exclusive

   Stila color Balm lipticks are amazing, I love them!! They feel and taste minty fresh on your lips.

They are definitely more of a lipstick as opposed to a balm.
I think most of us hear the word balm in a lip product and think of light sheer color.  That is not the case with these, the pigmentation on these is fantastic.

They have a very nice creamy texture as well.

They are a bit chubby so those of you with smaller lips might find applying with a lip brush may work better for you.

It has a tiny yet function mini mirror on top of the cap.

Gemma is my favorite color it is a gorgeous violet ,  I did go back and pick up Betsey which is a super pigmented bright pink color. It is gorgeous!!

They retail for $22.00 and can be found wherever Stila is sold.