Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

 I want to wish all my beautiful readers a very Happy New Year.

Thank you for sticking with me all this time, I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Stay safe everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you in the new year and bringing you lots of reviews and giveaways!



Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jo Malone Madness.

Jo Malone Holiday 2013 Set

My Two Favorites!!

 I am so picky when it comes to perfume that I had never bothered to check out Jo Malone products.

While shopping recently I saw the Red Currant & Cream tester.
 Not even gonna lie, It only caught my attention because the label was pink.
So I sprayed it on piece of paper and I liked it so I sprayed some on myself.

That evening I could still smell it and it just works so well with my body chemistry. 
I knew I had to go back and buy it, come to find out the scent is Limited Edition and Sold out mostly everywhere.

My Neiman Marcus sales associate was able to track on down for me luckily.

Peony and Blush Suede is my next favorite so I picked that one up too.

I love the little holiday set too , but am not a fan of all the perfumes in the set.

Jo Malone fragrances can be worn alone but are also made to be mixed.

Have you ever tried Jo Malone? What are your favorite scents?



Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas Sales!!

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to get your savings on! 

At all the after christmas sales……YAY!
Pretty much every store has them , and this is a great time to stock up on next years holiday decor and even gifts.

Lots of beauty sets are on sale now too, so check out Ulta , Sephora , Nordstrom,  Target and Bath and Body Works has some really fabulous deals right now.

What stores are you looking to shop at?  

I will be on vacation but I am sure I will still check out some stores :)



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all of you!

 Wishing you lots of love and happiness this holiday season! 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 



Monday, December 23, 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Gel in Showstopper

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Gel in Showstopper is described as classic red.

This is what Sephora says:

What it is:

A color-saturated, long-wearing, gellified lipstick with a sleek shine finish. 

What it does:
Fall in love with Marc’s irresistible, gellified lipstick. Full of pure pigment, this long-wearing lipstick has an irresistibly touchable texture. Unlike traditional waxy lipsticks, Lovemarc’s cutting-edge, gellified formula delivers the utmost in creaminess, comfort, and color payoff. An infusion of monoi butter—a velvety cream made from the tropical tiare flower—provides intense hydration, while myrrh extract works to reduce the signs of aging, and an innovative 3-D plumping agent adds gentle volume. The vivid shades are all inspired by Marc’s favorite movies. 

I personally own two lip gels from Marc Jacobs and while I do like the ones I have, I probably would not buy anymore.

The formula is nice but I don't think it is anything special and it does not stand out from any  other medium to high end lipsticks.I don't see any lip plumping effects like it claims either.

Retail is $30.00 , which is a bit high in my opinion but you are clearly paying for the name.

Luckily I bought mine when Sephora was having their VIB sale so I got 20% off.

I do own other items from his line and I like them a lot more.



Friday, December 20, 2013

Shu Uemura Holiday 2013 / Princess by Takashi Murakami Lip & Cheek Fun-Tasy Review and Swatches

Fuchsia Fan-tasy / Heroine Rose

  Shu Uemera was having a 25% off sale a few weeks ago so I decided to try some new products out.

 I picked up Fuchsia Fan-Tasy and Heroine Rose Lip & Cheek tints.

I love my Becca Beach tints and these seemed very similar so I decided to try them out.

I love the cute packaging first of all and the names are cute too. 

But how do they perform you ask?

Great, I am very impressed with these two and the colors are fabulous!!

As you can see from the pictures above, the pigmentation is insane and the colors are beautiful. 

You only need a little , I know I put way too much on for the swatches but I wanted to give you all a good look at these babies!

I might even like these more than my beloved Becca Beach tints.

The color payoff is superb in my opinion and they last all day and stay true to color.

I used them both on my check and lips.

Retail is $25.00 each and they are Limited Edition.

I don't own many Shu Uemera products because the price point is high but I will definitely be trying more products out in the future from them.

I recommend you sign up for emails so you know when a sale is coming.



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Michael Kors Lip Luster Holiday Set

All photos taken in direct sunlight

Starlet , It Girl, Celeb

I missed the boat when Michael Kors first released his beauty products at Macy's.

I don't know why but the Michael Kors makeup line didn't interest me much when it came out.

Fast forward to last week , while browsing Macy's I came across some Michael Kors holiday sets. 
So I started looking at them , while they seemed like pretty good deals this set was $48.00 which is a good deal considering Retail is $24.00 for each individual lip gloss.  ( $72.00 Value)


These are on sale right now for $25.00 a set , YES you read that correctly $25.00 for all 3. 
Basically that is $8.33 a gloss so HELLO……….. I had to jump on that deal.

They are pretty good , especially for $8.33 a piece I am not complaining.

I personally would not shell out $24.00 for a MK gloss.

You should hurry and take a peek at your local Macy's to see if they have them in stock :)

Happy Shopping Everyone.



Monday, December 16, 2013

L'OREAL Extraordinaire Colour Riche in 202 Coral Encore swatch and Review

I am really digging the new L'Oreal Extraordinaire Colour Riche in Coral Encore.

These are their new version of liquid lip color.

It has a slight flower scent but overwhelming, and the texture is smooth and glides on like butter.

I am not sure on the price of these because I got it my Allure Winter box which was fabulous I must say.

I assume they would be around $10 bucks or so depending on where you buy them.

I will be purchasing a few other colors when I find them in stores , yes they are that nice.



Saturday, December 14, 2013

M.A.C Riri Hearts Holiday Collection & Urban Decay Naked 3 Goodies for the week

Here are the goodies I purchased from M.A.C Hearts Riri Holiday collection! 
I got all the items I wanted , except for the rose gold bag that comes in this collection , but for $40 bucks….HELL NO!

Pleasure Bomb, Bad Girl Ri Ri , Riri Woo 

Here is M.A.C Hearts RiRi holiday lipstick swatches which sold out super fast again. 
I made sure Thursday I was ay my local Macy's right when it opened to get them. 
I like how my store limits 1 per person, I think all stores should do this. 
There are way too many people buying multiples just to turn around and sell them for double and triple the price. 
 Unfortunately M.A.C doesn't allow pro discount on these for the first two or three weeks because I think it is many pro members who are doing as well as non pro members.

Naked 3 palette

Last but not least, I caved and got Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette but only because I got $20 off with my vib coupon from Sephora.  I am sure many of you used your coupon to buy this palette too.

What did you haul in the past week or two. I would love to know.



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pixi Icy Eye Palette / Holiday 2013

 While browsing my favorite store (Target) , I came across this Pixi Icy eye palette. 

The name makes me think of Vanilla Ice's song: Ice Ice Baby , o.k. now it's stuck in my head.

I have only tried nail polish from Pixi in the past and was less than impressed by it.

For $12.00 bucks I figured it was worth a shot to pick it up.

Glad I did too, the shadows have really good pigmentation and are easy to blend with minimal fall out.

I like the colors too.

This palette is pretty neutral and I don't get why it's called " Icy Eye" , but that's neither here nor there.

Have you ever tried Pixi products? What are your thoughts?



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sonia Kashuk "The Red Lip Matte" Limited Edition Lipstick

Sonia Kashuk has come out with a matte red lipstick with special packaging for the 2013 Holiday season. 

It feels like a satin and not a straight up matte, which is good because the formula is not at all drying on my lips.  

The color is not super unique, but it is pretty none the less.


The cream and gold packaging and the SK initials on the tip of the lipstick really make it elegant looking,  and very reminiscent of a high end department store brand.

This retails for $10.99 and you can find these at your local Target store.

Overall: I think it is worth taking a peek at next time you are in Target ;)



Monday, December 9, 2013

Wantable Box subscription review

I have seen many reviews on Wantable subscriptions box service and was always curious about them.

When I finally got a chance to do a review, I was pretty excited to see what would be in my box.

You take a quiz and rate items that you might like to see in your box; Love, Like, Dislike, you get the point.

My box came really fast which was nice.

Now onto the contents:  Lise Watier lip stain, colored mascara, mineral blush,  foundation brush and a sample of Lise Watier soufflĂ© shadows in two colors.

I was a bit disappointed because half of my items I had clearly put Dislike on the quiz (so I would not receive those items) and I received the items anyway.  That is a bit of a bummer.

I like the lip stain and the blush and the samples of shadows.

The cost is $40 for a one time box and a subscription is $36 and you can skip anytime.

I personally wouldn't do a monthly subscription , but for a once in a while pick me up I definitely would buy one.



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crown Brush 40% Off Holiday Sale!!

Crown Brush is having an amazing 40% off sale going on right now!!

They have a great selection of brushes for beginners to make up pros.

 Click here to start shopping.

It is not an affiliate link just letting all my fabulous readers know about a great deal.

Sale is from Dec 7 thru Dec 13th. 

Happy Shopping!



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lorac Rockin' Red Hot 3D Liquid Luster Set

Are you ready to Rock Lorac Rockin' Red Hot liquid lusters on your eyes this holiday season!!

I think these are so fun to add a little spice and shimmer to any old makeup look.

I own the silver and gold from last year but this set have three exclusive new colors, and they are fantabulous and fun.

I love the Platinum to add a pop to a boring taupe colored eye look.

Amethyst is gorgeous too ,  I prefer to lay these down as a base color (use a primer) and use my eyeshadows over them.   They dry in no time so don't worry , you won't have a shadowy mess.

Retail is $28.00 for all four colors and what a deal that is!

I was lucky enough to use my pro discount at Naimies and it made it a even more awesome deal.

Naimies does phone orders and shipping is pretty reasonable. 

You can also purchase these directly from the Lorac website as well.