Friday, February 28, 2014

Revlon Legacy Lipstick Collection Review and Swatches

Revlon has re launched 5 of their iconic lustrous lipsticks from the past , for a limited time.

The colors are Icy Violet 1946,   Snow Peach 1956,  Sandstorm 1999, 

5th Ave Red  1958,  Jungle Peach 1963.

I had to get them all,  of course :)

I like 4 of the 5 colors.   Actually I like them all but Jungle Peach looks horrible on me :(

If you want to get your hands on them you better do it fast because these are limited.

Icy Violet and Sandstorm both have shimmer and the rest are matte.

I highly recommend Icy Violet , 5th Ave Red and Snow Peach!! 

Have you seen these at your local drugstore yet?



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Milani Rose Powder Blush Review and Swatches

 All Photos were taken in sunlight

Coral Rose, Lady Rouge, Love Potion, Tea Rose

I was so excited to hear Milani was releasing four "New" Rose blushes for spring 2014, and since I missed out on last year's these were on the top of my list.

I ordered them directly from the Milani website because when these are released in March these are limited edition and are only going to be available at certain Walgreens.

I didn't want to be driving around looking for these so I just paid full retail price.

They look so pretty and the packaging is sturdy. I couldn't wait to try them out.

Now lets get straight to the point!

I am really disappointed with these rose blushes.  Chalky and powdery and not very easy to blend.

If your skin is even a little dry, these are not for you! You need to moisturize before you use these.

They apply very blotchy.

You can see from the swatches how powdery these are.

Retail is $7.99

As much as I love the cute packaging, If I had known how bad these would perform before hand I would have totally passed on them.

Do yourself a favor , pass on these and buy the new Milani baked blushes instead.



Monday, February 24, 2014

Wet 'n Wild Walking the Red Carpet Swatches

top four colors taken in direct sunlight

bottom four taken in direct sunlight

 Wet 'n Wild has come out with two limited edition 8 pan palette's for spring 2014.

I got mine at Walgreens a few nights ago , only 3 palettes of each color come on the display. 

I like about six of the eight colors. The gold for the eyelid is super chunky and glittery and not easy to work with. 

The two definer colors definately require a few swipes to achieve good color as well.

The colors are nice but nothing unique.

It is safe to say you can skip this palette.

Have you found these at your local drugstores?



Friday, February 21, 2014

Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush for BB/CC Creams / Wayne Goss Dupe??

The bottom brush is a eye primer that came free in the package

 I came across this brush at Walgreens last week for $6.99

It reminds me a lot of the Wayne Goss number 1 face brush and the brush head looks just like it.

Eco Tools calls this a Skin Perfecting for BB/CC creams.

Described as:
A Skin Perfecting brush from EcoTools that's specially designed for use with BB/CC creams and gives you a beautiful, smooth application. No need to use fingers to apply, so less oil is transferred from your hands to your face. The brush is angled to easily apply creams to hard to reach areas on the face
(corners of eyes, nose).

I don't own the Wayne Goss brush in number one so I can't say for sure if it is an exact dupe, but it sure looks like it.

I will be testing it out the next week or and report back.

Mine came with a free extra brush but I am sure not all stores carry this particular set.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bare Minerals BareSkin Serum Foundation SPF 20 Debuts on QVC February 21st.

How many of you are excited to try this? I know I am!!

Here is what Qvc says about it.

What is it:
 The Dawn of a New Foundation. A breakthrough, tone-correcting mineral foundation and skin care serum in one. This ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless, adjustable coverage; a natural finish; and the look and feel of beautiful bare skin while delivering a more noticeably brighter, youthful appearance. The New Perfecting Face Brush was designed specifically for use with bareSKIN Foundation for the smoothest application.

Who is it for:
 Formulated for all skin types and complexions. Ideal for anyone looking for a tone-correcting foundation and skin care serum in one.

Why is it different:
 From the very beginning, bareMinerals(R) has been on a crusade to provide women with alternatives to foundations rooted in a less-is-more philosophy. bareSKIN Foundation was developed with that same philosophy in mind, to help deliver flawless coverage with a no-makeup look and feel.

This unique, lightweight, ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid delivers adjustable coverage and a flawless finish, while also providing skin care benefits.

This mineral infusion is formulated with ingredients that help deliver a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance.

The new Perfecting Face Brush has a specially-engineered reservoir that holds the fluid formula, while the longer, surrounding bristles smooth out the finish upon application.

How do I use it: SHAKE well to combine the ingredients. DROP one to two drops of foundation into the reservoir of the Perfecting Face Brush. BUFF gently onto skin in circular motions. Start in the center of face and work your away around the complexion.

For desired, adjustable coverage, only use up to two drops at a time on the brush.

Two drops = sheer coverage.

Four drops = medium coverage.
Six drops = full coverage.

I pre ordered mine and I hope I picked the correct shade by looking at the shade chart

Click here to pre order yours!

UPDATE : Please see full review HERE



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Review and Swatches

 Pink Rave, Fiery Coral, Violet Addict

Pink Rave/ Applicator
Milani's new spring line just hit drugstores.  It has new products and new formulations of old products.

I was excited to get my hands on these liquid colors. I bought 3 of the 4 colors.
 The other one was red and I probably will go back and get that one too at some point.

The new packaging is sleek looking, it kind of reminds of Urban Decay's old lip colors; the one with the guys on the packaging, but I can't think of the name right now.

The colors are bright, bold and beautiful to say the least. They do not feel heavy on the lips at all.

Pigmentation is phenomenal and they last for several hours on the lips.

I love the high shine of these glosses too.

Retail is around $5.99 - $6.99.

I like all the colors especially Violet Addict.

I have seen these in both my local Walgreens and CVS.

Which color is your favorite??



Friday, February 14, 2014

Laura Geller Love is in the Air / Happy Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers!

I just had to show you this Laura Geller Love is in the Air 2 piece set for Valentine's day.

Cuteness overload!!

You don't need a Valentine just because today is Valentine's Day,  how about just go treat yourself to something special.

I picked this set up at Ulta for $25.00, you get a free deluxe mascara right now too with purchase.

The blush is a coral color and little heart is the highlighter, but when swirled they still both look like a highlighter on me.

Included in the duo is a color drenched lip gloss in Perked Up Pink. 

It is a very creamy and moisturizing formula that gives full coverage.

This set is a $57.00 Value so for $25.00 it is quite a steal.

I hope you all have a great day and treat yourself to something special, you deserve it.



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

*New*Milani Matte Baked Blushes Delizioso Pink and Bella Rose

Delizioso Pink & Bella Rosa heavily swatched

Delizioso Pink

Bella Rosa

Delizioso Pink & Bella Rosa blended out

 Milani has come out with two new matte blushes, Delizioso Pink and Bella Rose.

I was skeptical at first when I saw how bright Bella Rose looked, but I am glad I decided to pick it up.  The fact that it was the last one too made my decision easy.

I think both colors are so pretty.

I wonder why only two colors were released? Maybe Milani wants to see how they sell? Who knows!

I know it says matte but they both look like they have a little sheen to them, but  when I wore them, you could not tell.

Milani Fantastico Mauve is one of my favorite blushes of all time, but I think these are giving it a run for the money.

Retail is around $7.99.

These are really great blushes so you might want to check them out.

Are you a Milani fan? 



Monday, February 10, 2014

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Shadow Palette Vol. 1

click for larger image

I bought this palette a few months back when It Cosmetics was having their Friends & Family 25% off sale.

I really like It Cosmetics. I have used the brand for years.  

I know all you matte shadow lovers will like this and also even shimmer shadow lovers. It comes with a color called Transformer Pearl, which turns any matte shadow into a shimmer.

I think that is pretty awesome! You get the best of both worlds in this palette.

The texture on all the shadows is super smooth and easy to blend, and the pigmentation is really good.

I really like the outside of the case, which is a pink velvet material, and it also comes with a large mirror.

 I purchased mine directly form It Cosmetics you can also purchase it from QVC.

Retail is $42.00

Here is how QVC describes it:

What is it:
 Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette contains 14 luxe, antiaging, silk-infused eye shadows that are all matte, but can transform into pearl shades with the tap of a brush, thanks to the Transforming Pearl shade. This beauty must-have includes all the universally flattering shades you need to take you from day to night, no matter what the occasion. Developed with plastic surgeons, these shadows are formulated with lid-loving ingredients, including peptides, collagen, silk, and antioxidants! 

Why is it different: 
These shadows instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on eyes and lids. Lush matte pigment glides over lids to create the perfect eye look. Because these shades are antiaging, they contain ultra-hydrating ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E. These colors contain everything you would want in a shadow and none of the ingredients you don't! Specially designed, the No-Tug Heavenly Luxe Dual Shadow Brush means no tugging or pulling on delicate eyelid skin.

The colors:
Transforming Pearl, a candlelight pearlescent glow shade
Sheer Joy, a matte soft peach 
Soft Light, a matte light latte 
Warmth, a matte warm beige
Soulful, a matte warm rosy-beige
Mocha, a matte light sable 
Violet, a matte lilac 
Midnight, a matte gray-navy 
 Noir, a matte black 
Love, a matte dusty soft pink 
Sunrise, a matte soft amber
Sunset, a matte rich amber 
All Heart, a matte warm mauve 
 Java, a matte chocolate 
Iconic, a matte rich slate 

Do you own this palette? Are you a matte lover or a shimmer lover?? I would love to know!



Thursday, February 6, 2014

New* NYX Cosmetics Baked Blush Swatches Part 2 ( 7-12)

 Spanish Rose, Ignite, Journey

 Lady Like, Chiffon. Sugar Mama

Direct sunlight 

 Final thoughts:

These are pretty nice for being a drug store product.
 However, the quality is not consistent with all off the the colors.

Some colors are very pigmented and smooth, while others are powdery and very light in color.

Retail price is $6.99

Click here to see part 1.