Friday, July 22, 2016

Lorac Refined Romance Eye/Cheek Palette Review and Swatches / Nordstrom Exclusive / Lorac Pro to go comparison

Top row shades: 1, 2, 3

Bottom row shades: 4, 5, 6

Highlight 1, highlight 2, Blush

The Lorac Refined Romance eye/cheek palette is probably the best and most affordable beauty buys for Nordstrom anniversary sale.

It is housed in a cardboard palette, like most Lorac palettes and has an actual design on the palette which is super pretty.  Definitely a nice touch since Lorac usually just has solid color packaging.

All the eyeshadow and cheek colors have no names, just numbers.

I like that you get warm and cool toned eyeshadows in this palette.

The highlighters I would say are both cool toned and the blush a neutral.

Retail is only $18.00 for this limited edition palette and well the small price tag.

Many of you asked if it was comparable to the Lorac Pro to go reviewed here and it is not the same or similar at all.

These perform well and look great on both my warm skin tone and my daughters cool skin tone.

I highly recommend this palette!



Monday, July 18, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale , Sneak Peek of Beauty Buys.

YSL in Pink

YSL in Nude

Bobbi Brown cheek trio






Here is just a sneak peek of few Nordstrom Anniversary sale beauty buys.

They have so many great deals,  how can you choose?

Lorac is probably the best makeup deal in my opinion.

 It is only $18.00!!! I mean that is a no brainer.

Time to stock up on my favorite face wash, Purity by Philosophy! (not pictured)

Look how cute that Chanel set is?? I just want it for the bag! 

The YSL inPink set has my name written all over it.

I will probably go back and get a few more items before the sale is over.

Just wanted to share a few of these fabulous goodies!

What are you buying?? Let me know?



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation in Sand Beige, Sun Beige and Caramel Beige Review and Swatches


L'Oreal has a new Infallible foundation on the market , following the success of the Infallible Pro Matte formula Which I love,  the new formula is Infallible Pro Glow.

I really do love the original formula but sometimes I feel it is a bit too matte for my liking so I was excited to try the new Pro Glow formula.

First off the color selection is numbered very differently which is kind of a bummer because I ordered online like many of you did when it was first released and did the best I could to color match.

I ordered two colors Sand Beige 207 and Sun Beige 208.

They're both a little on the light side for me so when the foundations finally came out in store I picked up 209 Caramel Beige which is a tad too dark.  But I just mix the colors to get my perfect shade.

The coverage on this one is light to medium at most, which is a bit of a let down.

I was hoping it would be more of a full coverage like the original matte formula.

I like that it is a lightweight formula and not as thick as the pro matte.

If you are oily you will definitely need a primer underneath it , set it with a powder or setting spray  to be on the safe side.

Keep in mind the glow will go away if any products are put on over this foundation.

I would only wear this on a light makeup day or even under a full coverage foundation for added color.

Overall it is just an o.k. foundation.

Retail is $9.99 to $12.99 depending where you buy it from.

I would love hear your thoughts on this foundation?



Friday, July 1, 2016

Wet 'n Wild POP Back to School Lipgloss Swatches and Review

Wet 'n Wild has a new summer collection called "POP Back to School".

The collection has six new lip glosses, four new nail polishes and 2 pair of lashes.

All Limited Edition

I only got the lip glosses from the collection and I am so glad I did.

I am pretty impressed with the pigmentation and the formula, especially Jackie a la mode and Lilac Theater.
For being such light colors these do show up on my lips but of course you need a liner for definition.

Violet in Furs is my absolute favorite of all six shades. It doesn't come out as dark as it looks in the tube and I am glad.

All the colors have a high shine and makes your lips look juicy.

Jackie a la mode, Strawberries and Femme,  Raised on good corals

Very Well Red, Lilac Theater, Violet in Furs

Now I will say, these do have an artificial vanilla scent that seems a little too intense upon application but give it a few minutes and it disappears.

Retail is $1.99 and these are Limited Edition.

My local Walgreens only had two of each lip color  on display and lucky me just got there literally a few minutes after the display was put out.

I think these are worth a trip to your local drugstore to see if they have them in stock.