Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bite Beauty Watercolor Lip Gloss Library Swatches

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Bite Beauty has a new lip gloss set called "Watercolor Lip Gloss Library" for spring 2015.

I believe this is the third set they have come out with. 

This is actually the first lip gloss library I have bought from Bite Beauty.

I love their lipsticks, but not loving this set so far.

The colors have no names they are just numbered 1-12 , so yeah pretty basic.

Above are the swatches of all 12 colors in order.

I am really on the fence with this set. It has a few really pretty colors but on the other hand some are pretty much no color at all on the lips. 

 In the tubes they look pretty and pigmented and than they just disappear on my lips and look like just a clear gloss. (only a couple)

Don't get me wrong. I get that watercolors are usually very subtle looking but I don't think the colors should end up looking the same once applied on the lips. 

A few colors are a bit tacky in texture , like uncomfortable tacky.

These are definitely not the same quality as the full size glosses. I do own a couple of the full size ones and those are really nice.

I think this is a set that you will either love it or hate it.

I am still debating if I should keep it.

Retail is $49.00.

Luckily I got mine for VIB sale and it was in store.

Let me know of you picked it up??



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hourglass Luminous Bronze and Radiant Bronze Review and Swatches

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Luminous Light and Radiant Bronze
Direct Sunlight

Most of us in the beauty community know by now that Hourglass Cosmetics just launched two new additions to their line.

Bronzers that come in two shades; Luminous Light Bronze ( which is geared towards light to medium skin tones) and Radiant Bronze Light ( which is medium to dark skin tones).

I tried both in Sephora and really could not see much of a difference in the store, you know the lighting is always bad.  

I decided to get both to see which one I liked better.  Turns out I like both :(  

They pull a little orange when swatched on your hand , but when applied on your face with a brush they look amazing!! 

I think most people will like Luminous Bronze Light more because it is a peachy tone and can work with fair to light tan skin tones I would say.

They do have a little shimmer in them so if you are looking for matte I would stay away from these.

My experience with them is that Radiant Bronze looks more matte on the skin.

I recommend you go check them out in Sephora ( they are exclusive to them as of now) to see which color suites you more.

Retail is $50.00 each,  so take advantage of the 15% off sale going on right now for VIB Rouge members and I believe in a few days for VIB members.

What are your thoughts on them??



Monday, April 13, 2015

ColourPop In Bloom Set Review and Swatches

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Tongue Tied,  Double Dip,  Hysterical

Frenemie,  Freshman,  Sweet Thing

Colour Pop has teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg for the "In Bloom" collection.

I hadn't tried any of their blushes yet so I figured this set would be a great way to try them and get a few new lip colors for spring too.

I really like this set and the colors are all wearable.

I know the colors look bright but they are very buildable,  so they don't come out crazy bright like they  look in the package.

The bluhses are just as nice as the eyeshadows but Double Dip is not as creamy as the colored blushes in my opinion. It is soft but just doesn't seem as smooth as the other colors.

Look how cute the packaging is on this box.

 This is all around a great set to get for the spring and summer.